Thanks for dropping in.  My name is Ken.  I am retired and living in North Alabama.   In my shop, I work to create unique items.  Primarily, I use found wood but I also use fabrics, metals, glass, etc.    I invite you to view project photos in my  Gallery .  

I also like good jokes, funny pictures, and interesting quotes.  Check out my JOKES and COLLECTION OF QUOTES by clicking here or at the links below.  If you would like to share a new joke or interesting quote, I would love to read it.  

My publications at INFOCHASE Publications may interest some.  Most are free, including a few of my wife's great recipes.  My self-published ebooks on Amazon & Barnes and Noble are admittedly rather lame.  They were casual experiments in self-publishing.  Someday I hope to write something worthy.  

I have an opinion about National Health Care that I think about a lot.  I have sketched out an idea in a short article.  I am really interested in comments on this different approach to providing Health Insurance for everyone.  Please Read here -- free.


I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me by email at


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My Coffee Tables and Other Projects
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