Cheaha State Park.    Saturday March 30, 2019.

Ron Newson's Injuries.


Thanks to all involved in saving Ron Newsom on March 30th.  Thank you for what you do.
Link to photos of you guys in action:


Ron made it home about 6PM yesterday.  I spoke to him today and he sounds strong.  If you would like to speak to him (or text), he would love to hear from you.  (301) 661-0644 [Cell].

Thanks for caring about Ron.


Ron's son informed me about 2PM that Ron has walked the corridor.  Current plans are for him to return home to Auburn tomorrow.


A scan today showed that Ron's brain bleeding has stopped but showed other things they want to evaluate.  Late today he was moved to a regular room.  Will stand up and take a shower (with assistance) later tonight.  He may get to go home to Auburn on Wednesday.  I am going slow on photos (especially graphic) until sure Ron is OK with it.  Here are a few that are surely harmless:

Hiking Earlier

Hero Nurse Jessica --- Dedicated
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Teamwork  ( More on Organizations & Names to come )


As the ambulance was departing, a number of you great samaritans, rangers, rescue squad and caring young observers (especially a group of 8 or so Auburn Fans) asked how they could subsequently learn how Ron made out.  On the fly, I had you write down this web address ( and suggested you check it in a few days.

Thank you.

I am bone tired right now -- the next day -- so for now I just want you to know I have not forgotten.  Please give me a few more days for more extensive details and photos.

The short -- We went to the Clay County Hospital in Ashland.  A scan showed bleeding in the brain (among wrist, hip and knee injuries) and he was air medi-vaced to Grady Hospital in Atlanta.  His wife and son in Auburn joined him there.  Today, he had another scan and the prognosis is good but he remains in ICU for the time being.

In the trauma room (after gaining his usual alertness) he said he is convinced he momentarily blacked out rather than tripped.  Having seen the last half of his fall, I agree with this.  It was just a "slump" and "face plant" without any verbal exclamation.

Please give me some time and I would love to put up some pictures (after getting permission) and tell you about Ron's interesting and active life -- one you should hope you can look back on when you are 86.  I think he's the smartest man I know.


Ken Loeb
First Cousin